Thursday, July 9, 2015

i let you go

 Everyone has gone, and somehow your are the only one that come along. You make me calm. And that time i know that you're the only one that i need. That one that would make me forget how hurt i was felt before. The one that would wipe my tears away and put a smile on my face. 

But, no one seems to know, how quickly people change. How quickly they always seems to come and go. 

Ups and down happen and someone had come between us. And you walked so easily. At that time i knew that i would never want to lose you as i knew how hurt it is before. I put my self as an option to be choose. Im begging, im crying and i keep blaming my self  what happen and i trying to understand those reason. You let me down so perfectly. Everytime you say good bye i hope that it would not be the last.

But, at that time when you choose me, i felt that i was the luckiest one. I keep talking to my self that you still love me. Without noticing that actually i force you to stay. I hold you too tight and you does not have chance to make your move. I dont even give you to make an option. All i did is just force you to stay. 

But when this time come. I would never hold you as tight as before. Believing that sometimes let go is best decision make me realize that i would never get all that i want even though i know the one that i want is you. 

nowww, i let you go.